“Only you could manage something like that”

I have a number of hidden talents.

#1 on that list is doing stupid things that give other people a laugh at my expense.

The first of these that I can remember (I’m sure that there were earlier incidents, but I was so embarrassed by them before then that I have banished them from my memory) was when I was in year 7 at school.

I had gymnastics training early in the morning, so my mum would make my lunch the night before and leave it for me in the fridge.

This particular day, I was going on an all day excursion, so when I saw the slightly larger cooler sitting on the bench, I thought, ‘Great, Mum’s packed me a special lunch’, picked it up and went on my merry way.

At lunch time, I was rather shocked to find two cans of beer sitting in the cooler, and no lunch. As it turns out, I’d picked up Dad’s leftovers from the night before.  

In the years that have passed since the ‘Beer incident’ not a lot has changed.

As a group fitness instructor, there is the potential for lots of things to go wrong. I was told when I started out, ‘You’re not an instructor until you’ve had stereo issues or had a wardrobe malfunction on stage’. I passed the litmus test for that very quickly, but this was nothing compared to last Thursday night.

I was so incredibly excited to start my class on Thursday night, I came bounding up the stairs ready to go. I panicked a little inside when I saw the pump class before packing up their weights, but stumbled on in, very excitedly.

Something was amiss when the instructor, and ENTIRE CLASS gave me a puzzled look.

It wasn’t until then that I realised that they weren’t actually finished, but packing up for abs and cooldown.



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