Taking a break

I’ve taken my body through the ringer over nearly the last 26 years, and have done a few things I regret in the pursuit of excellence and perfectionism. After quitting rhythmic gymnastics, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let myself hurt physically like I did in those years.

Since 2003, I’ve been pretty good. I’ve been an avid gym goer since then, only taking a break when I was travelling overseas. I still managed to get my bodyjam fixes though, looking up local rec centres in the UK with the program. Safe to say, I was obsessed.

At camp in 2007, I injured my left elbow when I slammed into the wall of a swimming pool the wrong way. I had surgery in October 2007. On Friday, I was trying to figure out the last time I went more than two days without exercising. I’m pretty sure the last time that happened was in the week after surgery… as soon as the plaster was off, I was back in the gym despite not being able to go full bore for another 4 months.

I haven’t been honest with myself and my elbow has been a little sore… over the last two months, and a LOT sore in the last week or so. My entire body also aches.

I’m taking that as a sign, along with the fact that both my classes aren’t on for the next two weeks due to the public holidays, to TAKE A BREAK. I’m off to the gym on Thursday night to team-teach Sh’bam – if it wasn’t the last opportunity I’ll get before February when all classes are back on the timetable, I’d give it a miss. I’m also taking some time out from balance until I return to my classes on January 8th, along with anything that will aggravate the injury.

Hope it all pays off and I can start 2012 ready and raring to go!


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