Back to the real world

I arrived back in Sydney around 3pm this afternoon, and am heading back to work tomorrow.


I’ve started setting myself mini challenges – the first of these was to cut out my afternoon coffee habit. I’m fairly confident I can do this and have really cut down over the past month or so, and I’m sleeping better and feeling better for it. I guess the next 3 days back at work will show me whether I managed to do this or not.


My next challenge has been to get into better habits in the evenings. This doesn’t just affect my eating, but my overall wellbeing.

Since moving to Sydney by myself in March 2010, I’ve had a bad habit of going to the gym almost every night (whether teaching or not) then coming home and almost passing out in front of the computer, and end up going to bed many nights either not eating dinner at all, or not eating anything nutritious as I’m too tired to prepare something or even defrost something in the microwave. BAD BAD BAD and it doesn’t bode well for recovery at all.


Tonight, and from now on, I had some skim milk immediately after leaving the gym. This meant I didn’t get home absolutely exhausted, I felt hungry for more and I felt well enough to prepare a PROPER dinner – well, I had some beef in the freezer which I defrosted and cooked, chopped up some cucumbers and carrots and prepared some vermicelli noodles, and had this wrapped up in lettuce. It was messy, but it was quick AND tasty. Now I’m just finishing off my blog entry and then it will be a quick check in on Facebook to make my commitment to attending 6am body attack tomorrow then BED.


Once I get my night time routine sorted and the afternoon caffeine fixes sorted, I’ll also be imposing a strict bedtime and clean up schedule for weekday evenings.


Baby steps!


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