Quick update from Perth airport – I’m about to leave to head back to Sydney.

Last week was a bit of a shocker. The first half of the week I did really well and was really good at eating clean. I was so proud of myself that on Tuesday I managed to get up and go for a run before work. I came home and showered, ate a great brekkie. Then stupid me didn’t put my keys back on my key ring after I came home from the run and locked myself out as I was leaving for work. Not cool.

Friday, I arrived home from work and was getting ready to leave for the airport when I discovered I had no power. Quick call to my electricity provider… haven’t had any issues with payments to my account, and long story short, it turns out they made a BIG mess up. They said they’d come reconnect back Friday night, but needed to be there. With half an hour until I had to leave before my flight (and I needed to pack as well) I didn’t have the time to organise someone to come round and to get them my keys… so everything in my freezer and fridge will be kaput. There goes all my careful planning for this week, which I did as I arrive back In Sydney around 11pm. The other PITA is that they can either come reconnect it between 8am – 12, or 12 – 4. This does not work for me – I work 50 minutes from work, and don’t have any family or friends who are around during the day in Sydney. Not happy about having to ask my boss if I can work from home tomorrow afternoon.


The reason I was back in Perth was for my friend Lauren’s engagement part – I’ve known Lauren since I was in primary school, and we also went to high school together. It was a great night and I’m really glad I made the trip over. It was great catching up with the girls, and its  the first time I’ve been to something with all of them and not been having panic attacks in the car. I’m so proud of everything I’ve achieved and I can’t wait to go to our 10 year reunion next year.

It’s been an absolute stinker here and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost a couple of kilos from sweat – one can only hope, huh?


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